HexMag 10/30 Magazines – $11.99

HexMag color ID

Shooter Zoo has been running a deal for the past week on HexMags. They are selling the HexMag 10/30 magazines for $11.99 each with free shipping. You can order them individually or in five packs for $59.95. They have the HexMags in Black, FDE and OD Green (all with the orange follower).

These HexMags are for the 5.56×45 NATO/223 Remington round. They will also work with the AAC 300BLK round. The 10/30 magazine is manufactured specifically for restricted states where magazine capacity is limited to 10 rounds (CA & CO). These magazines come with the appropriate magazine block and spring, so they don’t need to be permanently pinned. This means you can open the magazine up for cleaning and you can replace the orange follower with one of HexMag’s color coded followers. We have ordered some of these magazines for testing, so keep an eye out for our review.

This is the best price we could find for the HexMag 10/30 magazines. They are getting great reviews and most reviews are ranking the HexMags on par with Magpul’s PMAGs. Compared to the price of purchasing a pinned 10/30 PMAG, these HexMag 10/30 magazines are a bargain!

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Hijak86 has a favorable video review with a torture test and a realistic (read: not fanboy) comparison to the Magpul PMAG.


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