Candella explained


Elzetta makes a line of solid tactical torches. In choosing the right light for your specific needs, it is helpful to understand how lumens, lux and candela are measured. Elzetta has released a series of videos to educate you on many of the factors that you should consider when choosing a tactical flashlight.

Understanding Candela

All about batteries for tactical flashlights

Aluminum alloys in tactical flashlights; Not all aluminum is created equal

Extreme durability; Potted electronics in tactical flashlights

LED flashlight beam tint; A cure for the “Blues”

Optical beam projection vs. reflectors

Understanding Lumens, Tactical Flashlight Beam Pattern & Brightness

Understanding ANSI FL1 Standard for Flashlight Lumen & Runtime Measurements

Lumen Wars, Why the Highest Output Flashlight May Be the Least Reliable

User Interface for Tactical Flashlights, Decoupled Binary Controls

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